Covid-19 Update

There’s no question that Covid-19 is having significant impact across the globe. 

Since January 2020, Hampton Securities has been taking steps to ensure the safety of our employees and continuity of our services to all clients and partners:  Private Wealth, Institutional and Capital Markets. 

Some of our implemented measures include: remote working capabilities for all employees; enforcing quarantine for any employees who have travelled outside country; ensuring a strict visitor policy; leveraging technology to handle all meetings remotely; skeletal staff at our head office with the recommended physical distancing.

We were ahead of the curve and will continue to do our part to “flatten the curve,” while ensuring we are able to service all clients.

On March 24th, the Government of Ontario deemed Financial Services an “essential service,” which includes independent investment dealers like Hampton. 

We encourage you to seek the guidance of your Hampton Investment Advisor who is expertly trained to support you. 

On behalf of the Hampton Team, our best wishes for your continued safety and well-being.

Peter Deeb, Chairman & CEO

Sharon Castelino, President & COO 

Patrick Michaud, CFO        

Mike Deeb Jr., Vice Chairman


What is a Recession?

With the reduction in global economic activity due to the Corona virus (COVID-19), the reality of a recession is a common hot topic. The depth and breadth of a recession is dependent upon a number of factors. Our partners at National Bank Financial Economics offers a historical perspective.

“Will the ongoing coronavirus-related economic downturn also qualify as recession? We’ll have to wait some time to have an answer
from the CDHI. But if the March handoff is as bad as feared, we may get consecutive GDP contractions as early as Q1/Q2. Employment is likely to take a dive as well as businesses attempt to cut costs amid sinking revenues after operational shutdowns.”

National Bank Financial Economics, March 17th, 2020

Please contact your Hampton Securities Investment Advisor if you have any questions or concerns.