Financial Markets and Impeachment

Geopolitical events of your neighbour and largest trading partner under impeachment can be amusing cocktail discussion but have real investment and financial markets implications. Our partners at NBF Economics offer a very objective analysis of two previous scenarios.

Financial markets have been significantly influenced by the trade and tariff wars as the current economic indicators are pointing towards slowing but still solid U.S. and Canadian economic growth . Let’s not forget the S&P 500 is at new highs in November 2019.

How did the U.S. Economy React to previous Presidential Impeachments?

While impeachments are a rare event for U.S. voters, the financial markets the historical reaction has been up and down. NBF economics offers a perspective on what will likely be more volatility as we head towards the end of 2019. History indicates that impeachment alone is not sufficient to negatively impact markets. READ their analysis here.

Impeachment and the S&P 500
What has been the historical impact of the U.S. Presidential Impeachment process?