Women and Wealth

Here are some interesting facts about Female Investors:

-Women have accounted for over 50% of job gains, as gender wage gap still exists but has narrowed in 2019.

-Women outlive men by 6 years on average.

-By 2028, it is estimated that women will control $4 Trillion in financial assets and if real estate assets are included, the value is estimated at $8 Trillion.

-Women start more businesses and are often more risk averse in their investing approaches.

-Millennial women (born 1981-2000) are entering the highest circles of asset ownership faster than women born earlier: 22% of Baby Boomer women (born 1946-1964) have $5 million or more in assets, while Millennials come in at 32%.

-The definition of wealth is defined differently by generations as well as gender, with 38% of women including preparedness for the future in their definition, compared with 30% of men.

(Sources: CIBC Economics and RBC Wealth Mgmt)