Private Clients

Bespoke Wealth Management

Hampton’s team of wealth management professionals serves a diverse group of private clients, providing portfolio management services both internally and with third party discretionary portfolio managers through our Private Client Group.  This provides our clients with a full spectrum of disciplines and strategies in accordance with their defined investment objectives and risk tolerances. Our clients have the option of fee-based or transactional-based pricing for services.  Hampton also offers registered retirement and savings accounts, as well as a variety of retirement planning services and insurance products.  In conjunction with professional tax and estate planning services, we assist our clients in developing retirement and estate planning strategies.

The Long-Term

The world around us is in a constant state of change, as global political and economic events are felt worldwide.  For that reason alone, private wealth management has to be a dynamic and individualized process.  At the same time, it is essential that you feel in control of your financial future, despite domestic and international events, and that your investment advisor is working with you to allow you to enjoy the best of everything you desire in the long-term.

Your Partner

As a partner in your financial goals, we will take whatever time is necessary to help you define and fully articulate the vision you hold for your family and your legacy.  We will work closely with you to map out a long-term investment strategy that addresses the unique characteristics of your personal circumstances and needs.  We will select the investments that we believe have the greatest likelihood of meeting your investment objectives given the risk that you are comfortable with. We will also define, together with you, the milestones where progress can be measured and objectives re-evaluated as appropriate.

Hampton Advisors

Above all, we will be there every day – monitoring capital market activity and your individual investments – to maximize investment opportunities and mitigate risk.  A Hampton Securities investment advisor is your partner in achieving “Wealth Over Time”.