Job Statistics

Big buzz around U.S. job statistics as Canada’s Bank Rate stayed the same for the first week in June 2018. The establishment survey showed rising at 233,000 jobs in May. The private sector added 218,000 jobs in the month, buoyed by cyclical sectors like construction and manufacturing.

The outlook for Canada’s job rate also looks positive according to our partners at NBF.

Enjoy the Full economic outlook from National Bank Financial (NBF) Economics group.

Monday Monitor- August 7 Selling Sunshine!

With the lowest unemployment rate announced on August 4, 2017 since 2008, the summer sunshine is warm in Canada. Canadian employment rose by 11,000 jobs in July according to the Labour Force Survey. That was a touch below consensus expectations. The unemployment rate dropped two from 6.5% to 6.3% (the lowest since October 2008). Self-employment was a majority force in the increase. This trend aligns with the increasing “Gig Economy” predictions that more folks will explore retirement and freelancing from a life-style, flexibility and longevity perspective.

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