Women and Wealth

Here are some interesting facts about Female Investors:

-Women have accounted for over 50% of job gains, as gender wage gap still exists but has narrowed in 2019.

-Women outlive men by 6 years on average.

-By 2028, it is estimated that women will control $4 Trillion in financial assets and if real estate assets are included, the value is estimated at $8 Trillion.

-Women start more businesses and are often more risk averse in their investing approaches.

-Millennial women (born 1981-2000) are entering the highest circles of asset ownership faster than women born earlier: 22% of Baby Boomer women (born 1946-1964) have $5 million or more in assets, while Millennials come in at 32%.

-The definition of wealth is defined differently by generations as well as gender, with 38% of women including preparedness for the future in their definition, compared with 30% of men.

(Sources: CIBC Economics and RBC Wealth Mgmt)

Five Steps To Succession Planning

Let’s face it, Canadian Entrepreneurs avoid succession planning. It is like Estate Planning for your business, yet similar to a will, it is often human nature to avoid planning for transitions. If not addressed, your legacy is in jeopardy. Once of the most effective ways to build a succession plan is through an advisory board. A family business adds an additional layer of interpersonal dynamics to succession. The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) offers a rich set of tools and tips.

Where do you begin your succession plan?

Roles and responsibilities is a good place to start. Your business is likely successful because you and your team are working full out to ensure its sustainability. As the business environment evolves, your roles may change and the future skills for leadership may need to match. Beyond the functional roles you will likely need to determine how much is your business worth? To establish a realistic value for your business and discover the most common method used to determine a fair sale price often requires professionals and advisors. How will the transition be financed? What constitutes a good financing package depends upon your business structure and needs. There are typically 5 main sources of financing. Enjoy the Global Family Office that offers a detailed perspective on family business transition.

As an entrepreneurial firm, our Hampton Advisors regularly assist entrepreneurs in this process. Let us know how we can help?