Taking Stock at the 2017 Economic Midpoint (MGIS)

An update with a difference as investors watch a day time poltiical drama unfold at the midpoint of 2017. These distractions may create a diversion from the underlying realities that world economies are generally strengthening overall. Michael Graham Investment Services (MGIS) offers a fulsome and entertaining review of current global economic conditions. MGIS declares that the spontaneous growth is potentially the best synchronized world growth since 2007-08, if not in decades.

2017 Midpoint Canadian Equity Six Pack

MGIS offers insights and ideas based on the economic environment within this global growth content.

MGIS Mid Point Equity Six Pack
MGIS Mid Point Equity Six Pack

Enjoy the fill report from MGIS here: 2017 Mid-Year Update 

‘Omaha 2017’ Update from MGIS Investment Strategies

“My 22nd pilgrimage to Omaha in 24 years has to rank as one of the most fulfilling and uplifting…We had once gain been treated to a master class like no other and the even more prolonged closing ovation had been overwhelmingly earned.” Enjoy Dr. Michael Graham’s reflection on his visit to Omaha to enjoy the investment perspectives of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger.

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