Tariffs, Trade and Your Investment Portfolio

Canadians have an understandable bias towards building investment portfolios that own Canadian stocks and bonds. Our partners at National Bank Financial Economics suggest that the world of Trump tariffs and trade policies may require a new approach to how to analyze your investments.

In an article from Investment Executive Canada, National Bank Financial recommends, “In this new global environment, Canadian investors must do more than simply analyze a company’s fundamentals. They must focus on the country that the company considers its home base, and determine if that country’s relations with its main trading partners are strained in a way that might impact its bottom line. “

Technology, Tariffs and Trade are Linked

Angelo Katsoras from National Bank Financial warns that while “a trade deal between China and the United States would be good news for the markets in the short term, it would not change the long-term fundamentals fuelling tensions between the two countries. This includes the battle for geopolitical influence and dominance of tomorrow’s technologies.”

To enjoy Angelo’s in-depth analysis please review the report here. Make sure to contact your Hampton Securities Advisor to discuss your specific investment needs.