Unrealistic Views Of Risk and Return

Do investors have a realistic view of risk and return? As we recently pass the 10th anniversary of the Financial Crisis of 2008 with significant volatility in the financial markets, insights about investor sentiment were surveyed. Why is sentiment important? Simply put, it can move markets. Here are some of the highlights of the research by the Investment Managers at Natixis.

How Do Investors Feel About Risk And Their Investments In 2018?

Some of the highlights that reveal myths and realities of investing from the recent survey include:

  • 71% feel more financially secure than they did during the financial crisis
  • 63% say index funds are less risky (they’re not)
  • 70% don’t think the world itself is a more secure place

How do you feel about your investment expectations? If you wish to learn more, enjoy the Natixis report and as always feel free to discuss your perspectives or second opinions with your Hampton Wealth Investment Advisor.