Working in step with our wealth management advisors and capital markets team, since 1996, our Institutional Sales and Trading   professionals have been focused on serving the investment needs of our corporate, institutional, and retail clients. 

Our Institutional Sales & Trading Team.

To the corporate client, diligently monitoring daily trading, providing market depth, assisting in market making, and executing on normal course issuer bids (NCIB) are just a few of the ways are specialty trading group can augment the services we offer our corporate clients.

To the institutional client, the chief benefits are an on-going personal relationship with one of our professional trade specialists who provide the experience and expertise needed to reassure our clients that their orders are being executed on the best terms, in confidence, on the open market, and with the provision of customized assistance for special terms trades or post-trade settlements.
To our retail clients, working directly with their investment advisor, our team will facilitate trades to optimize the value captured on each trade, and maximize the goals of the clients on a timely bases and in a professional manner.

Our trade specialists will work diligently with our clients to unlock unique solutions and provide timely, yet discrete, liquidity solutions across the global markets.

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