Hampton has been one of Canada’s leading independent wealth managers since 1996, and one of our main philosophies has yet to change.

“A firm is only as strong as the professionals it surrounds itself with.”
Michael Deeb Jr., Vice Chairman and Senior Investment Advisor – Private Client Group
Our goal is to support your goals. Allow us to demonstrate how we can work towards your milestones together, be it for yourself, and your career-oriented endeavours, or for your clients, thus ensuring we’re able to meet their financial needs for generations to come.
We pride ourselves on empowering our advisors with a holistic platform that enhances their skillset, book of business, and their expertise, while offering you and your clients a full suite of both local, and global, opportunities and contacts that are at our disposal.

Join Our Team.

Allow us to demonstrate how our  dedicated team and bespoke platform can enhance your current book of business. From the initial onboarding process, through to a long term partnership, we’d welcome you to meet to discuss some of the unique merits of joining our team. Let’s talk!

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The investment advisor; the backbone of the Canadian wealth management practice.

Why Join the Hampton Team?

Dedicated Transition Team

Onboarding you, your clients, and your team members is our priority, while we simultaneously work with the respective regulatory bodies to ensure a quick, seamless, and efficient transition. Joining our team should not impact your business. Allow us to do the heavy lifting, while you continue to focus on the book of business you’ve built.

Entrepreneurial Philosophy

The world is full of opportunity. Relying on traditional methods that have stood the test of time, are enhanced by new ideas and initiatives to better capitalize on an ever-changing global landscape. Allow us to open up these new opportunities to you, your team, and your clients alike.

Advisor-First Compliance

Our advisor-first compliance team understands the intricacies of your business. Compliance should not act as a deterrent to growth, nor should it be a hinderance to progress, but a guiding force for us all. Its main purpose is to augment our business by navigating the team through some of the constraints which protect our advisors, our clients, and our industry.


Flexibly to join our team from the location that best suits you, be it at our head office in downtown Toronto, remotely from anywhere across the country, or a hybrid model to accommodate what best suits your needs. Our onboarding team will work closely with you to determine the optimal solution that allows you to best service your clients, while also providing you with the optimal working environment.

Competitive Advisor Compensation

Your years of experience are valuable, and that value should be properly acknowledged. Give us the opportunity to structure a solution that properly compensates your contribution to our firm.

A Comprehensive Platform

Unimpeded access to our entire team, working in lock step with every aspect of the organization whether it be management, compliance, operations, capital markets, insurance, and our entire team of associates. Our network and full suite of capabilities are at your disposal.

Partnership with Capital Markets

The investment opportunities afforded to our clients span the globe, while providing a multitude of options – be it private equity, public equity, fixed income, debt offerings, structured products, etc. - that are meticulously vetted internally to  assure the opportunities presented meet our highest standards of quality.

Team Oriented Culture

We’re stronger together. Operating as a boutique investment platform, we’re proud to boast a tight knit group of industry professionals who take it upon themselves to elevate one another. We thrive as a team, we succeed as a team.