For over 25 years as one of Canada’s leading independent full-service investment dealers, Hampton’s team of   Wealth Management professionals continue to serve a diverse group of private clients.

Investment Advisory Services
With decades of experiences guiding their clients through the complexities of the markets, our investment advisors, above all else, take great pride in having helped countless individuals and their families structure, advise, and reach their unique financial goals.
Hitting initially defined targets and reaching those milestones is equally as important as doing so while mitigating volatility along the way, providing day-to-day financial peace of mind now, and for generations to come.
Fee Based Account
A fee-based account offers the convenience of
a predictable, all-inclusive asset-based fee.

Fee-based accounts are the preferred solution for clients who want the full benefit of direct access to a personal investment advisor, their team of associates, high-quality market insights, a slate of resources tailored to optimizing portfolio performance, and a complete range of investment opportunities supplemented by our entire capital markets team.

In addition, our fee based accounts provide clients with unimpeded access to:
  • A full spectrum of highly personalized disciplines and strategies structured in lock step with the client’s defined investment objectives, risk tolerances, and time horizon.
  • An all-inclusive range of account
    types including cash, margin, and registered accounts including RRSP, TFSA, RESP, and RRIF.
  • A comprehensive suite of investment products
    at their disposal such as public and private
    equities, fixed-income, mutual funds, and ETF’s
  • Expert-led research on the economy and the global markets provided through our clearing firm, Laurentian Bank Securities, and uniquely exclusive investment opportunities identified by our capital markets team.
Transaction Based Account
No two clients are the same, and neither are their investment goals and advisory needs. With that being the case, Hampton offers our clients the flexibility to choose the type of relationship they want to have with their investment advisor, and how much involvement they would like them to have in managing their wealth.
Unlike an all-encompassing fee-based account, some client’s needs may be better suited to a transaction-based account which offers the simplicity of an a-la-carte, transaction-based, pricing model, which is implemented on a per trade bases.
Portfolio Management Services
Hampton’s Portfolio Managers specialize in asset and portfolio management, and are known for delivering in-depth analysis, strategic thinking, and meticulous execution for clients who want the implementation of their financial objectives to be handled exclusively by their portfolio manager, freeing them from the day-to-day particulars.

Your Portfolio Manager will initially work hand-in-hand with you to map out customized solutions taking into account your current lifestyle needs, while optimizing the timeline to achieve your future financial goals.
Progress is monitored daily, ensuring timelines to initially defined milestones remain on track, and if necessary, new strategies are measured, re-evaluated, and implemented as need be to keep your financial goals on track.
Insurance, Tax & Estate Planning
Life can be unpredictable. However, through it’s wholly owned subsidiary Hampton Insurance Solutions Inc., & in partnership with Dean French Advisor Co. Ltd., we offer our clients a tailored approach to a comprehensive solution. Taking into account the unique needs of your family, business, and lifestyle, you’ll be left with the peace of mind knowing that your legacy and loved ones will remain protected despite any unforeseen outcomes.

Our specialized team will take the time to understand your specific situation, as well as the short, medium, and longer term needs relating to Life Insurance, Estate Planning, Business Succession, Post Retirement Income, and Preservation of Lifestyle.
Questions about the benefits and use cases of Insurance? We’re happy to help you through the process. Please click here to learn more and to schedule a meeting.
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Asset Protection
The safety and security of your assets is our priority.

As a full-service investment dealer, Hampton Securities Limited is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC), and the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO).

CIPF offers clients of its member firms’ coverage to eligible customers of up to $1 million for combined general accounts in the unlikely event that one of its member firms becomes insolvent.
In addition, CIPF also provides a separate $1 million for combined registered retirement accounts.

The custody of all Hampton client cash holdings and securities are entrusted to Laurentian Bank Securities. In addition, all cheques, wires, EFT’s, or bank transfers are sent directly to Laurentian Bank Securities, and are never registered to Hampton Securities Limited. The same applies to all registered accounts.

Should you have further questions in regards to the above, please contact your investment advisor for further information.
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